Arabidopsis Mitochondrial Protein Database

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Note: The database has been upgraded to the latest TIGR gene model (release 5) as of 28th July 2004.

Mitochondrial Proteomics
MitochondriaReferencesMit SwissProt Feb04
Mitochondrial Proteomic Details
PAGE Confirmed LC/MS/MS Confirmed
ProID Confidence> or = Number Matched Peptides> or=
ProID High Conf.> or = LCMS Experiment Number> or =
Note: 'The Set' and 'groom' refer to specific sets outlined in Heazlewood et al (2004) Plant Cell 16: 241-256
Mitochondria (The Set:416) Mitochondria (groom: 377)
Misc Protein Attributes
Functional Category
Residues to
Molecular Wt. (Da) to
Isoelectric Point to
EST Number > or =
AGI Identifier
(eg At1g02930.1)
Gene Name
All Descriptions
(Lab, TIGR, Comments)
Functional Groups (bins)
Group 1Group 2Group 3
Mitochondrial Inparanoid Orthologs
Mitochondrial Targeting Prediction
TargetP (v1.01)

Mito. TP>=

Mito. DFM>=
Predotar (v1.03)

Mito. Sc>=

% Conf.>=
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Please cite the following if you use this resource:
Heazlewood JL, Tonti-Filippini JS, Gout A, Day DA, Whelan J and Millar AH (2004) Experimental analysis of the Arabidopsis mitochondrial proteome highlights signalling and regulatory components, provides assessment of targeting prediction programs and points to plant specific mitochondrial proteins. Plant Cell 16: 241-256 (PubMed)