Outreach Programs

General Public Programs


Virtual Plant Cell

The Virtual Plant Cell (VPC), Plant Energy Biology’s custom built virtual reality experience allows users to experience the microscopic inner world of a plant in an immersive way, interact with a cell and learn about the complex processes that scientists study. On display at select events around Australia. To find out more about VPC see: www.facebook.com/VirtualPlantCell

To enquire about VPC, email: enquiries@plantenergy.edu.au



Bio-Bounce is the world's biggest and bounciest plant cell. The award winning 10 metre by 13 metre inflated structure helps visitors discover how cells work. Using short activities, we explain what genes are, how they work, where photosynthesis happens and how this links to plant growth, energy systems, survival and crop yield. Bio-Bounce is on display around Australia, reaching out to our communities to highlight the importance of plant research to our future.

To find out more about Bio-Bounce, visit the general public brochure Bio-Bounce Brochure

Plant Powerstation

Plant Powerstation

Plant Powerstation is a key program in the Centre's public engagement activities. Our research and education team provide inspiring hands-on inspiring activities for the public. Try your hand at getting DNA out of a strawberry with our scientists! Plant Powerstation has featured at festivals, science museums and open days in WA, ACT, SA, VIC and NSW and has reached over 45,000 members of the public since 2006.


The Secret Life of a Tiny Powerplant - Photography Exhibition

Our scientists have captured fourteen amazing images using microscopes, macro cameras and even lasers to provide a rare view deep inside plants. The images reveal some of the incredible adaptations and clever defence tactics that plants use to survive hostile environments.

Click here to view an online version of the exhibition from the ABC Science website, or if you would like to host the photo exhibition, contact enquiries@plantenergy.edu.au

Student Programs

powerful plants

Powerful Plants

The Powerful Plants program has been a two times runner up in the WA Premier's Science Awards. This multi-faceted program has included school incursions, workshops, independent student projects and teacher professional development. The program uses passionate scientists to guide students through fun science projects from a young age.

get into genes

Get into Genes

Plant Energy Biology is collaborating with the Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (ACPFG) and Dairy Futures CRC to bring Get into Genes workshops to Australian secondary school students.

Get into Genes is an interactive education program that highlights the application of biotechnology to crop improvement. It provides students with an insight into the relationship between molecular biology, genetics and plant breeding.

For more information about the Get into Genes program, visit: www.getintogenes.com.au

To find out if Get into Genes is available for your school group, email enquiries@plantenergy.edu.au