PEB Mentoring to Independence Program

Aimed to promote independence, skill flexibility, network building, and gender equity

GoalActivitiesMeasurable outcome assessment
1. Train PEB students and ECRs in research excellence and how to open new areas for discovery
  • Encourage and aid publication of research in a timely manner
  • Run science journal writing workshops
  • Run grant writing workshops
  • Provide training in the changing technology of science
  • Provide programming and informatics training
  • Run ethics in science and publishing talks
  • Provide data management training
  • Provide critical and creative thinking opportunities
Assessment of student and ECR roles and achievements in publications, seminars, awards and grants

Attendance at internal and external research skills training and workshops

Alumni tracking of research leadership

2. Provide transferable skills for multiple career paths for current PEB students and ECRs
  • Provide training in CV writing
  • Run Communication training
  • Provide leadership training
  • Provide opportunities and training in supervision and teaching
  • Provide workshops and information for how to translate skills acquired in PEB for a range of careers
  • Run sessions with talks from people with different career pathways post-PhD
  • Provide advice on careers and options for a range of workplaces - present ┬álegal, commercial, marketing, sales, government agency and public policy options (Retreat and online seminars)
Attendance at internal and external work skills training

Tracking relevant metrics

Awards and achievements that reflect success in transferable skills

Alumni tracking of future careers

3. Establish a mentoring relationship for students and ECRs in PEB
  • Survey mentoring needs
  • Identify mentoring coordinator(s) in PEB
  • Identify staff who will act as mentors
  • Train mentors
  • Match staff/students to mentors when required
Surveys of the value of the mentoring program

Exit interviews/surveys for staff and students

Alumni survey of long-term mentoring value

4. Achieve Gender Equity and work life balance in PEB processes and activities
  • Develop and communicate a policy on gender equity in PEB
  • Provide unconscious bias awareness sessions to all staff and students
  • Offer flexible work arrangements and encourage and enable flexible work hours and days
  • Aid child care during major centre meetings/retreats*
  • Establish a PEB Dependent Travel Fund to aid an ECR or student who is primary carer for a dependent to attend an international or interstate conference. *
Assess that there is equal opportunity across PEB at different levels of employment

Assess opportunities for career advancement and track PEB ECR and alumni

Monitor child care use and value at retreats

Assess the PEB Dependent Travel Fund through ECR reports

Run = PEB will run, Provide= provide/enable access to non-PEB training/courses on)
*feasibility at each node is under discussion