Professor Harvey Millar

Harvey Millar obtained his PhD from The Australian National University in 1997. He has worked at The University of Oxford in the UK (1997-1999) and The University of Western Australia (2000-present). He has held research fellowships including: Human Frontier Research Programme Fellowship (1997), ARC Australian Post-doctoral Fellowship (2000), ARC QEII Research Fellowship (2002), ARC Australian Professorial Fellowship (2006) and ARC Future Fellowship (2012). He has also been awarded the Peter Goldacre Medal by the Australian Society of Plant Scientists (2003), the WA Premier's Prize for Early Career Achievement in Science (2003), the Science Minister's Prize for Australian Life Scientist of the Year (2005), The Fenner Medal from the Australian Academy of Science (2012) and the Charles Albert Shull Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists (2013).

Current Research Interests:

Harvey Millar's research focuses on mitochondrial function in plants and the role of metabolism is the energy efficiency of plants. His work has provided key new insights into antioxidant defence pathways in mitochondrial, diurnal rhythms in mitochondrial metabolism, tissue-specific mitochondrial functions, plant-specific features of the electron transport chain, regulatory networks governing respiratory activity in plants, and the mechanisms of mitochondria damage during oxidative stress. His group is also working on advances in plant proteome analysis to allow measurements of protein turnover rates and targeted quantitation of enzymes in metabolic pathways in both model plants and crops. In international collaborations using novel dataset and software developments, he has been involved in building plant proteome databases, protein location prediction and protein-protein interaction prediction in plants, and the study of DNA methylation as an epigenetic mechanism.

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