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Cuttriss, A.J. and Pogson, B.J. (2004) Carotenoids IN Davies, KM ed Plant Pigments and their manipulation. Annual Plant Reviews Vol 14, pp 57-91 CRC Press. [link to book]
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Förster, B., Osmond, C.B. and Boynton (2001) Very high light resistant mutants of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii : Response of Photosystem II, nonphotochemical quenching and xanthophyll pigments to light and CO2. Photosynthesis Research 67: 5-15.

Selected earlier publications

Pogson B.J. and Rissler, R (2000) Genetic manipulation of carotenoid biosynthesis and photoprotection. Phil Trans R. Soc. B: Biol. Sci. 355: 1395-1403. [PubMed]
Pogson B.J., Niyogi K., Björkman O., and DellaPenna D. (1998) Altered xanthophyll compositions adversely affect chlorophyll accumulation and nonphotochemical quenching in Arabidopsis mutants. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 95: 13324-29. [PubMed]
Pogson, B.J., McDonald, K., Truong, M., Britton, G., and DellaPenna D. (1996) Arabidopsis carotenoid mutants demonstrate lutein is not essential for photosynthesis in higher plants. Plant Cell 8: 1627-39. [PubMed]
Cunningham, F.X., Pogson, B.J., Sun, Z., McDonald, K., Gantt, E., and DellaPenna, D. (1996) Functional analysis of the beta and epsilon lycopene cyclase enzymes of Arabidopsis reveals a mechanism for the control of cyclic carotenoid formation. Plant Cell 8: 1613-26. [PubMed]