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Chaumont F, Tyerman SD(2014)Aquaporins: highly regulated channels controlling plant water relations.Plant Physiol.164(4):1600-18[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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Preuss CP, Huang CY, Tyerman SD(2011)Proton-coupled high-affinity phosphate transport revealed from heterologous characterization in Xenopus of barley-root plasma membrane transporter, HvPHT1;1.Plant Cell Environ.34(4):681-9[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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Conn SJ, Conn V, Tyerman SD, Kaiser BN, Leigh RA, Gilliham M(2011)Magnesium transporters, MGT2/MRS2-1 and MGT3/MRS2-5, are important for magnesium partitioning within Arabidopsis thaliana mesophyll vacuoles.New Phytol.190(3):583-94[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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Gilliham M, Sullivan W, Tester M, Tyerman SD(2006)Simultaneous flux and current measurement from single plant protoplasts reveals a strong link between K+ fluxes and current, but no link between Ca2+ fluxes and current.Plant J.46(1):134-44[PUBMED][DOI online source]
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